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In the era of big data, we screen and accurately push
Game:The game goes out new way, helps your game to raise the overseas popularity and the use number, the specialized team carefully helps you.
3C digital
3C digital:3C products usually refer to computers, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, walkmans, electronic dictionaries, hardware devices for video and audio
food:Food is more than just food on the table. Also includes leisure snacks, all kinds of biscuits, cakes, sugar, candied fruit, dried fruit, meat
Clothing:Dress, it is the general term that dress shoe bag and adornment wait for, point to dress more. In the national standard, the definition of clothing is: sewing
Beauty makeup
Beauty makeup:Skin, hair, point to toenail, lip tooth to wait, in order to achieve cleanness, maintain, hairdressing, decorate and change appearance, perhaps revise human body odour
Brand:Brand push, domestic brands go to sea push, hit the popularity of overseas market, expand the overseas commodity sales market.
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We have more than 700,000 well-known web celebrity groups in the world and more than 1 billion active users. We screen and accurately push the published tasks one by one.
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